“In 2017 nearly $400 billion was given to charitable organizations in America.

Nearly half of America’s wealth is comprised of real estate.

Yet, less than 3.0% of charitable giving comes from gifts of real estate,
evidence that real estate is too difficult for most charities to accept as gifts.

Turning Your Deed into a Good Deed.

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Welcome to Realty Gift Fund

Realty Gift Fund is a group of non-profit and real estate professionals who recognize the unique problem of real estate donations, and who established Realty Gift Fund to make a meaningful impact on charitable giving through gifts of real estate.

Giving Back

Welcome to Realty Gift Fund, a qualified 501(c)3 formed exclusively to accept charitable gifts of real estate, providing real estate owners the opportunity to “give back” to their communities and to receive the tax benefits of a charitable donation in accordance with established IRS regulations. Donors recognize that charitable gifts lessen the burden on government for the broad spectrum of services our non-profits provide

“A Smarter Way to Give”

Direct gifts of appreciated assets are simply a smarter way to give. Gifts of cash are made on an “after-tax” basis. Direct gifts of appreciated assets are “pre-tax” gifts that avoid capital gains taxes, provide the charity liquid assets to support their programs, and provide the donor a tax deduction against regular income.

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Gifts of Real Estate

Most charities cannot accept direct gifts of real estate, which is often an illiquid, complicated, or risky asset. However, donors can provide essential funds to their favorite non-profits by making direct gifts of real estate to RGF, who improves or remediates the properties before converting them to cash, and donates the excess proceeds from each sale to charities the donor has recommended, to charities who referred the donor, or to charities RGF supports.

Partial Cash Payment

RGF can accept a portion of the property’s fair market value as a charitable gift and make a cash payment for the difference, allowing the donor to eliminate the debt or make repairs before the gift is made, or to keep some cash for personal use.

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Our Mission

To promote a transformation in charitable giving by accepting real estate gifts of any type… anywhere, fixing or remediating assets before converting them to cash, and using the excess proceeds to make grants to other non-profit organizations.

Through its grants and educational efforts, RGF is committed to pioneering a meaningful impact on charitable giving through gifts of real estate.

Our New Name

Realty Gift Fund

Realty Gift Fund is an outgrowth of Realty Restoration Gift Fund, a qualified 501(c)3 organized in 2001. The new name reflects a broadened mission to convert real estate of all types into useful charitable gifts, in addition to remediating environmentally impaired properties that can be placed back into productive use. Besides making outright grants to charities, RGF makes educational grants for programs focused on real estate giving and environmental remediation

Our Unique Ability

RGF has the unique ability to accept gifts of real estate burdened by common issues that deter real estate giving. Debt, deferred maintenance, vacancy, operational shortfalls, leasing fees, tenant improvement costs, and routine capital needs present risk that most charities cannot accept. Title and environmental issues, illiquidity, and changing markets add to this risk, rendering many properties unacceptable as gifts to most non-profits.

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We Prevent Risks

The aversion to real estate risk prevents most non-profits from forming gift acceptance policies that identify high quality gifts and from developing proactive campaigns that ask for real estate. As a result, real estate offered by well-intended donors is frequently rejected, and occasional gifts that are accepted too often contribute to a narrative of disappointment. In the end, the largest asset class in America makes up less than 3.0% of charitable giving every year.

We're Experienced

RGF’s staff and network of consultants are experienced at solving complex real estate problems and at outlining gift strategies appropriate to each circumstance. We assist individual and corporate property owners, collaborate with other non-profits, and assist professionals in the field to raise awareness, grow philanthropy, and drive gifts of real estate to the charitable world.

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Recent Grants

Realty Gift Fund supports non-profit organizations that tirelessly serve our communities. We are proud to support them with grants made possible by gifts of real estate to RGF.

Realty Gift Fund Grants Made

Organization Address
1 Fulton County Center for Regional Growth Gloversville, NY
2 University of California San Francisco San Francisco, CA
3 Urban Land Conservancy Denver, CO
4 The Denver Hospice Denver, CO
5 Groundwork Denver Denver, CO
6 We Don’t Waste Denver, CO
7 Mile High Youth Corp Denver, CO
8 Colorado School of Mines Foundation Golden, CO
9 St. Elizabeth’s Shelter Santa Fe, NM
10 Presbyterian Medical Services Santa Fe, NM
11 The Food Depot Santa Fe, NM
12 Roadrunner Food Bank Albuquerque, NM
13 Journey Montessori School Santa Fe, NM
14 Girl Scouts Santa Fe, NM
15 Mary’s House Sierra Vista, AZ
16 Mesilla Valley Hospice Las Cruces, NM
17 Gerard’s House Santa Fe, NM
18 National Jewish Health Denver, CO

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